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Please take this quick poll about The Peace Arena

What kind of content should The Peace Arena focus on?customer surveysRead the rest

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21 November 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Survey of clueless straight people

Seriously, if you haven’t considered this angle on the issue, have you been living under a rock for 30+ years? Or maybe it wasn’t a rock, maybe it was a cross… Read the rest, since that tends to suppress mental activity and feelings of compassion.

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09 March 2009 ~ 2 Comments

Hark! Good News: Religion less popular

Religiosity is waning in the U.S. Non-belief has almost doubled since 1990.

A wide-ranging study on American religious life found that the Roman Catholic population has been shifting out o of the Northeast to the Southwest, the percentage of Christians in the nation has declined and more people say they have no religion at all.
Fifteen percent of respondents … Read the rest

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12 February 2009 ~ Comments Off

200 years and we’ve come to this?

It’s Darwin Day, and time to celebrate science and the beauty of observable, provable reality. But, yet, old myths, and bad policy on based on them,  seem as strong as ever — at least in my neck of the woods.
Though I love science,  I’m tired and uninspired at the moment, so just some interesting notes and links.
Darwin Day … Read the rest

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27 June 2005 ~ Comments Off

Pew surveys public attitudes about media

Summary of Findings: Public More Critical of Press, But Goodwill Persists

Public attitudes toward the press, which have been on a downward track for years, have become more negative in several key areas. Growing numbers of people question the news media’s patriotism and fairness. Perceptions of political bias also have risen over the past two years.
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27 June 2005 ~ Comments Off

Exposed: the not-so mainstream media

Big Media Interlocks with Corporate America

A research team at Sonoma State University has recently finished conducting a network analysis of the boards of directors of the ten big media organizations in the US. The team determined that only 118 people comprise the membership on the boards of director of the ten big media giants. This is a small enough … Read the rest

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04 June 2005 ~ Comments Off

Is America the greatest country in the world?

Or what? Digby knows that the correct answer is not (a nod to Charles Shultz) “12″.

It seems to me that if you are a member of the “reality based” community, as so many of us liberals claim to be, that you can’t answer such a question without qualifiers. This means that we are unable to respond in appropriate … Read the rest

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30 May 2005 ~ Comments Off

Give Peace a Chance

You would never guess it from the news, but we’re living in a peculiarly tranquil world. The new edition of “Peace and Conflict,” a biennial global survey being published next week by the University of Maryland, shows that the number and intensity of wars and armed conflicts have fallen once again, continuing a steady 15-year decline that… Read the rest

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