05 April 2011 ~ 3 Comments

My “local” grocery store is 2.2 miles away, or 4.5+ hours round trip by foot

According to Google Maps, I can hop in my car and get to a nice Homeland Supermarket in 8 minutes.
Lucky me.
Not all my neighbors are that fortunate, and I got a real clear picture of that last Friday.
Getting ready for fundraiser on Saturday, on Friday, which was April 1, I headed for the printer and at pretty… Read the rest

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08 November 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Studs Terkel interview with Mary Owsley and Peggy Terry about Oklahoma City during the depression

Just by chance today I caught This American Life program on NPR when they were noting the recent passing of Studs Terkel by playing a few of the pieces from his radio series, Hard Times… Read the rest, which was recordings of folks who lived through the depression. The TAL retrospective focused on 1971 recordings from a mother and daughter, Mary Owsley

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11 February 2005 ~ Comments Off

$100 Laptop Proposed for World’s Poor

Stripped Down. This article from New Scientist… Read the rest magazine tells of an idea for bringing low-cost computing to the poor in developing countries. The key to making it possible: no Microsoft.

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