05 April 2011 ~ 3 Comments

My “local” grocery store is 2.2 miles away, or 4.5+ hours round trip by foot

According to Google Maps, I can hop in my car and get to a nice Homeland Supermarket in 8 minutes. Lucky me. Not all my neighbors are that fortunate, and I got a real clear picture of that last Friday. Getting ready for fundraiser on Saturday, on Friday, which was April 1, I headed for the printer and at pretty… Read the rest

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08 November 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Studs Terkel interview with Mary Owsley and Peggy Terry about Oklahoma City during the depression

Just by chance today I caught This American Life program on NPR when they were noting the recent passing of Studs Terkel by playing a few of the pieces from his radio series, Hard Times, which was recordings of folks who lived through the depression. The TAL retrospective focused on 1971 recordings from a mother and daughter, Mary Owsley… Read the rest

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11 February 2005 ~ Comments Off

$100 Laptop Proposed for World’s Poor

Stripped Down. This article from New Scientist magazine tells of an idea for bringing low-cost computing to the poor in developing countries. The key to making it possible: no Microsoft.… Read the rest

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