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Everybody knows

We’ve been had.… Read the rest

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08 August 2009 ~ Comments Off

The New Lord’s Prayer for Republicans

[Update: well, you can tell I’m not religious. It’s the 23rd Psalm, not the Lord’s Prayer, which is being rewritten here. I won’t change the title because it will screw up the URL. If it matters to you, me being so stupid, you’ll just have to forgive me, because that’s what Jesus would do. ;-)] From Fri Prevett via Facebook:… Read the rest

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06 March 2009 ~ Comments Off

Hoping this is what it sounds like

Unhelpful” could be very helpful indeed.
Did the U.S. Secretary of State actually criticize Israel? At a joint press conference with Mahmoud Abbas? That’s new:
If so, then hooray, it’s about time for some balance in our thinking and policies regarding Israel and the Palestinians.… Read the rest

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05 March 2009 ~ 1 Comment

OK State Rep: I’ll raise your intolerance of my intolerance with some inane illogic, and a resolution in the state legislature to ship your atheist ass back to Oxford

So, Oklahoma progressive thinker, did you think you could not possibly be more embarrassed by duly elected representatives in your state, after the Sally Kerns affair of last year, and the Scott Jones/gay prayer protest last month? Oh, ye of little imagination — the authoritarian right is running rings around you, thinking of stupid things to do on the public’s… Read the rest

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14 February 2009 ~ 1 Comment

Lions and lambs

Did you know that … if Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams had just asked King George over for tea, instead of those pesky radicals dumping his tea in the harbor, then the crown would totally have reduced their taxes? … if Gandhi had just asked real nice, and burned some incense, Britain would have fallen over itself to… Read the rest

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28 January 2009 ~ Comments Off

Why Chris Matthews is not a liberal

Recently while being interviewed by Leslie Stahl (of 60 Minutes, she wants you to know), Rachel Maddow tried to explain to her that Chris Matthews is not a liberal. Stahl was adament that he was, pushing it to Maddow like she was an idiot not to realize something so obvious. Finally Rachel broke it down for Leslie — who… Read the rest

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26 January 2009 ~ 1 Comment

Oklahoma progressives, are you ready to lobby?

Several upcoming events are designed to help citizens do their civic duty of participation during the 2009 session of the Oklahoma Legislature. These are some that focus on progressive issues (content copied from emails and online sources). If you can, please participate in one of these activities to hone your knowledge or skills, or make your advocacy for peace… Read the rest

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20 January 2009 ~ 2 Comments

My introduction to Pete Seeger

Seeing the (banned on YouTube) video of Pete Seeger singing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial Sunday made me think about how I first heard about him. It’s a pretty weird way, I think. I was a typical 60s teenybopper — I loved the Monkees and read Tiger Beat and 16. My favorite Monkee was Peter, and in… Read the rest

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01 January 2009 ~ 2 Comments

2008 Peace Arena Progressive Person of the Year award goes to…

The award is presented to Rachel Maddow. I think Rachel is eclipsed only by Obama in meteoric rise from relative obscurity during 2008. She first got national attention in 2004 on Air America Radio. In 2005, she started providing occasional commentary on Tucker Carlson’s old show (the only good thing that ever came from that), and last January (which seems… Read the rest

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