09 February 2009 ~ Comments Off

Emailing 101 for activists

This morning I got a phone call from an activist friend because her Internet service provider was not letting her send out emails to 200 addresses at a time from within her own personal email account. Um, yeah they do that, because, as far as they are concerned you are spamming! They really don’t care if you have a coffee-stained… Read the rest

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31 January 2009 ~ 5 Comments

Blogroll Amnesty Day 2009

Wow, it’s that time again already, that time when all the little people of the Netroots rise up against their oppressors, the big people of the Netroots who won’t link to them (the bastards!). So we link to each other — freely, wildly, irresponsibly, like the DFHs we really are. The motto is “look up, link down” that is, to… Read the rest

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20 January 2009 ~ Comments Off

Deadline looms for nominations in the 2008 Okie Blog Awards

Okie Bloggers, you have till midnight to make your selections, so hurry! I’m ashamed to say I had to leave some categories blank, because I just didn’t read enough (or maybe any) blogs on that topic. I guess I have a good excuse on the “family blog” one since I don’t have young kids around. But otherwise my only… Read the rest

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17 January 2009 ~ Comments Off

A couple of progressive Oklahoma bloggers leaving state

I’m pretty bummed about the Oklahoma Netroots losing two bloggers in one week. John Sutter of Concrete Buffalo (formerly of the Oklahoman and its Go Green blog — which apparently has been deleted) got a gig in Atlanta is already on his way. He also did some great work for The Gazette while he looked for steady work that… Read the rest

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01 December 2008 ~ 3 Comments

Peace Arena Oklahoma Netroots Awards

I promised to announce on Friday or Saturday, but this weekend has been nuts. Whatever possessed me to do this piece of business on a holiday weekend? Oh, yeah, my blogiversary. Okay, what kind of nut starts blogging on frakkin’ Thanksgiving!!! Anyway, due to this being a last minute brainstorm, please forgive the lack of detail the awards deserve.… Read the rest

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29 November 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Git yer Oklahoma Netroots bookmark, blogroll and widget code here

This will be a temporary measure, as I hope to put something more customized together that can be collectively managed. But for now, I have used Google Reader to collect all the Oklahoma Netroots blogs I have found, and, made the list public, so anyone who wants to can enjoy. If you’re just a reader or don’t want to display… Read the rest

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27 November 2008 ~ 1 Comment

5 year blogiversary, or, my Thanksgiving story

I started blogging on Thanksgiving weekend in 2003. I was inspired by an Oklahoma blog I started reading shortly after moving to the state in January. That blog: JMBzine and its owner is now a friend and colleague of mine in several social service and political projects. Of course, I have blogged very sporatically, and using at least five different… Read the rest

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26 November 2008 ~ 10 Comments

I’m creating the Peace Arena Activist Blog Awards

I’ve decided to bestow some blog awards to celebrate my upcoming 5-year blogging anniversary, which corresponds with Thanksgiving weekend. Since there isn’t a lot of time to prepare for this year’s awards, it will be a simple, rushed affair. So fitting! But I’m serious about honoring the recipients, who toil in near obscurity day after day in a non-progressive state… Read the rest

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18 November 2008 ~ Comments Off

What’s the matter with Democrats in DC?

Well, as suspected, the capitulation continues unabated. The Netroots is sick about it, but not really surprised. Hunter at Daily Kos pretty much sums it up in Why it Matters. As Jane Hamsher states, the real message of today’s vote, from the 32 Democratic Senators who gave Lieberman a pass, and, yes, President-elect Obama, who whipped the vote:… Read the rest

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