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Peace Arena to become two-ring circus, soon with acrobats AND elephants

October 31, 2010

Crossed off my to-do list: WP upgrade to multiblog. Finally. Yay!

Yes, that upgrade I threatened back in June has finally been accomplished. A couple of life changes later.

Close followers of this blog (all two of you) might remember that I installed WPmu a couple of years ago, but had some technical issues with it and abandoned the idea. Well, now, WP and WPmu are merged, supposedly said issues are past (and I surrendered to using WP in the site root) and so I can gather up a number of blogs I’ve been hosting with their own separate installs and have them managed, and best of all updated, all at once. Hallelujah!

I’m also looking at installing BuddyPress alongside WP 3.0. I had set up (but never promoted or used) a bbPress forum with a shared user table with WP, but apparently the future is BuddyPress so I’m going with it. It includes a Groups feature along with the bbpress forums as a wP plugin, altogether making it much like Drupal with Organic Groups module, which I’ve used on other sites. There are some cases where a more sophisticated CMS like Drupal are still called for, but they are becoming less and less necessary (for my needs at least) as WP evolves. And you just can’t beat WP for its easy interface and active community, not to mention the eleventy million themes.

Anyway, the afore-mentioned life changes included the death of my mother, for whom I cared for for the past several years, leaving little time or need for additional income. But now, sadly but also with some enthusiasm for new adventures and opportunities, I’m back to full-time freelance self-employment.

Thus, I hereby announce upcoming content changes coming to this space: the splitting of Peace Arena into .org and .com branches. The former will be pretty much the politically oriented blog you see here, and .com will feature some for-pay services I am offering (web development and IT consulting, etc.) and tech tips and such.

I will be offering web hosting, domain registration, web development, training in the use of technology in activism, and other services to the progressive community in Oklahoma. Obviously I will take business from non-progressives, baring ethical issues, but my heart will be in using my skills to help advance my progressive values and the common good for my Oklahoma friends and neighbors, and that’s what peacearena.com will be dedicated to, from a business angle, while peacearena.org keeps plugging a radical (“from the root”) change in our civic and political lives, and just serving as a site where I (and maybe others) share opinions and activist activities, with hopes of expanding the dialog through forums, chats and other means.

Finally, I’m working on a more fun and colorful theme for this .org branch, and will use the current one (or something similarly frill-less) for the .com services branch.

If you have any questions or (constructive) suggestions, please feel free, comments are open for a month.

WordPress 3.0 upgrade, tweaks and prepping for blog future

June 21, 2010

I’ve upgraded to WordPress 3.0 (“Thelonious”) and plan to use its multisite feature. But first I want to do some housecleaning here and at the blogs I plan to merge from hither and yon into this single install (hallelujah!).

I’ve also got some changes planned for Peace Arena’s front page and menus. I’m going to focus less on the day to day blog (Ha! who am I kidding, I mean the month to month sporadic blog) and more on providing some resources and tools for my Oklahoma (and beyond) progressive community.

So, at the point when I can get some time to do this, Peace Arena will go down for maintenance until it’s done. This may be tonight, it may be two weeks from now — just giving a heads up now.

A new look. Whatdaya think?

January 23, 2010

I’ve switched to a new theme, which I think is a bit cleaner and easier to navigate. I’m still tweaking it a bit, so don’t be surprised to see things get added, subtracted, moved or (temporarily) broken. If you find something not working as you think it should, a poke in my direction would be appreciated.

All your emails are belong to Inhofe

November 30, 2009

A big part of the reason I haven’t been blogging much is that I just feel like I don’t have the ability or opportunity these days to do enough reading and research to post anything of value to the discussion. For example: The conservative conspiracy theory du jour, led by Oklahoma Republican Senator Jim Inhofe, regarding emails stolen from the computers of climate scientists. With the Google — even with the Bing, I bet — you can find plenty of worthwhile and relatively calm insights into the matter, if you know how to look, and weed out the bias and blather. The only things I would consider adding would be links I found from said Googling. But I tend to expect others to point and click on the Tubes just as well as I can.

But I clearly am being held back by an overwrought case of blogger ethics that does not afflict many others. I need to loosen up. They’re only words, for gawd’s sake!

Digby, a very ethical blogger, does see some need for the consideration that I’m prone to, so I’m still going to err on the side of expert consensus rather than accept the practice of legislating, or blogging, half-cocked.

From what I can gather, this climate change pseudo-scandal is going to be with us for a while so if you haven’t delved into it in any detail, it’s probably a good idea to do so. The number of Inhoffian cretins bellowing on TV about hoaxes is growing by the hour. This article by Brad Plumer seems to be a good place to start.

For ongoing understanding of the science in our lives (for our lives), follow DarkSyde.

Another Oklahoma blogger’s quick take on Inhofe. Bet he didn’t hear anything like that on radio!

And that, kids, is why I’ll always be a blogger.

Failed experiment – now removing Facebook links feed

August 17, 2009

Several developments in this short-lived trial.

The most serious is that the feed produces hotlinked photos. If read in a feedreader, that’d be fine, but even with my minuscule readership, this is not acceptable practice for a blogger. I could use CSS to keep the images from displaying (and have done so with the links already imported), but this is not the only issue.

I anticipated a feedback loop on FB, and already it’s annoying even me. I stopped sending Twitter posts to FB because I couldn’t quickly find the way that my blog posts were being passed to Twitter (and was busy and didn’t have time to investigate twitterfeed or whatever it is), and so my FB links were getting triple posted, not just double. I know what I’d say if someone did that in my newsfeed!

Secondly, I got a nice comment from the Brit whose blog post prompted my using the feed in the first place. He also notes that the feed is “reasonably bad,” (which is my new catch phrase!) and hints that he has a better solution in the works. He suggests following @fluidcreativity to stay informed on the matter, which I’m going to do. If he can made a good way to linkup FB and WP, I know a lot of folks who would be interested in using it.

So anyway, back to the way things were, at least until a better method of integration is found.