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Understanding and treating the hidden wounds of war

July 20, 2009

PTSD DVD cover

Documentary video explores the hidden wounds of war

Date: Wednesday, 7/21
Time: 6:30 pm
Place: Joy Mennonite Church, 504 NE 16th, OKC

The Oklahoma Center for Conscience and Oklahoma GI Rights Hotline invite you to a screening of the film “PTSD: Invisible Wounds of War” on Tuesday, July 21 at 6:30 pm at Joy Mennonite Church in Oklahoma City. After the film, there will be a discussion led by Nathanial Batchelder, a medic in Vietnam and director of Oklahoma City Peace House, Phyllis Byerly, a retired psychologist, and James Branum, a lawyer specializing in military law and supervising attorney for the Oklahoma GI Rights Hotline.

The film presents information about the vast scope of the problem, the potentially severe consequences, and the necessity to seek help. Veterans, elected officials and therapists who specialize in PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) explain the condition and discuss what resources are available and what needs to be improved in treatment and public policy.

The event is free and open to the public. Joy Mennonite is located at 504 NE 16th Street, on the corner of Lincoln.

For more information, email info@centerforconscience.org or call 405-236-4938, ext. 2.


May 11, 2005

[Image and article no longer available at original site. See update below.]

Kim Phuc, “the girl in the picture,” is 42 today, and works as a goodwill ambassador for the UN. She is still physically scarred from the napalm attack she suffered in 1972, but has an unblemished spirit. This interview was published by the bruderhof, found via Susie Madrak and Tiny Revolution.

Update (7/18/2008):

Bruderhof closed their website. The article (sans photo) is fortunately in the wayback machine, here. (h/t to Tiny Revolution, and the photos mentioned are at Sexuality in Art.

A more recent story is here.

A book entitled The Girl in the Picture is available, and Google search on Kim Phuc is fruitful.