14 April 2011 ~ Comments Off

59-minute Progressive Rally on a Moral Budget

Ok, it was yesterday’s Democracy Now! show, but if you watch it, I think you will agree with my assessment. DN! is always good, but this one was particularly inspiring.… Read the rest

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03 September 2009 ~ Comments Off

Photos from today’s Rally for a Moral Budget

(Click on box to get a bigger version.) Quite a good turnout for a weekday. And it wouldn’t be complete without teabagger counter-protesters. They were relatively well behaved, compared to the townhall outbursts.… Read the rest

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24 July 2009 ~ 3 Comments

The Oklahoman’s pity party

An open letter to the OKC Council & mayor:
Dear Oklahoma City Council members and Mayor Mick Cornett: “Pity the members of the Oklahoma City Council.” Thus began an editorial, stunning in its contempt for democracy, published today in The Oklahoman, which decreed that the location of the Crosstown is a done deal, and it’s a waste of
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11 February 2009 ~ Comments Off

Party realignment now finalized in DC

Democratic Party = party of governing, or occasional stabs at it during moments of crisis, with good and not so good members and policy positions. Republican Party = party of obstruction to efforts at actual governance, with varying levels of skill and shamelessness. But all are, to borrow an observation from Garrison Keillor,  “above average” at it. Something about… Read the rest

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06 February 2009 ~ Comments Off

17 days in and Obama administration throws in the towel on torture

So much for “change we can believe in.” Torturers will not be punished by the American government, and that means that those who ordered them to do so cannot be held accountable, unless the World Court does the job. Today in his hearing for CIA director before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Leon Panetta, who supposedly was selected for the job… Read the rest

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05 February 2009 ~ Comments Off

Appoint a Special Prosecutor for the Crimes of the Bush Administration


Formal Petition to Attorney General-Designate Eric Holder to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate and prosecute any and all government officials who have participated in War Crimes. Sponsored by Docudharma.com and Democrats.com.… Read the rest

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26 January 2009 ~ 1 Comment

Oklahoma progressives, are you ready to lobby?

Several upcoming events are designed to help citizens do their civic duty of participation during the 2009 session of the Oklahoma Legislature. These are some that focus on progressive issues (content copied from emails and online sources). If you can, please participate in one of these activities to hone your knowledge or skills, or make your advocacy for peace… Read the rest

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04 December 2008 ~ Comments Off

Activist news report from Emma’s Revolution, progressive troubadours

While in Crawford, I was introduced to an amazing musical duo, Pat Humphries and Sandy O, otherwise known as Emma’s Revolution. Their music is totally amazing, a blend of folk, pop, roots rock. The best way I can think to describe them is a mix of Pete Seeger and Sweet Honey and the Rock. They seem to make it… Read the rest

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29 November 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Petitition drive to have President Obama create Secretary of the Arts

Obama is being inundated with requests, but this one stood out to me: A petition drive, inspired by musician Quincy Jones, for the establishment of a Secretary of the Arts, a cabinet level position to encourage, preserve and maintain our significant artistic and cultural heritage. This is on a par with what most other industrialized countries put in place… Read the rest

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