05 December 2010 ~ Comments Off

Sisterhood is powerful!

That was the rallying cry, back in the day. And by so claiming, and believing, they were powerful. It was an amazing period of history, when women got fed up with being exploited second-class citizens and took to the streets, the factory floors and the voting booths for their own and other womens’ lives and rights. What happened to that… Read the rest

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28 February 2010 ~ Comments Off

Siskel and Ebert outtakes

Oh. My. God. This had me wiping tears off my cheeks AND my keyboard, it’s so hilarious. Maybe to fully appreciate it, you had to have watched them religiously for years like I did, enjoying the tension between the two movie lovers who couldn’t seem to agree on anything. I often wondered what they talked about during the commercials, so… Read the rest

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20 July 2009 ~ 1 Comment

Understanding and treating the hidden wounds of war

Documentary video explores the hidden wounds of war Date: Wednesday, 7/21 Time: 6:30 pm Place: Joy Mennonite Church, 504 NE 16th, OKC The Oklahoma Center for Conscience and Oklahoma GI Rights Hotline invite you to a screening of the film “PTSD: Invisible Wounds of War” on Tuesday, July 21 at 6:30 pm at Joy Mennonite Church in Oklahoma [...]

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27 January 2009 ~ Comments Off

Indy film an intense Oklahoma love story

Sterlin Harjo, an Oklahoma filmmaker, had his latest movie, Barking Water, premiere at Sundance on Jan. 17. Here’s the synopsis:
Before Oklahoma was a red state, it was known as the Land of the Red People, described by the Choctaw phrase Okla Humma. In his sophomore film, Sterlin Harjo takes viewers on a road trip through his own personal
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14 December 2008 ~ Comments Off

Hang tight, Rock Hard

I’ve been out of commission for a few days with a major head cold, and before that a few days of my mother needing all my attention. But I’m feeling better and hopefully will be in a browsing and posting mood again soon, with some time to do so. Unfortunately, I did not miss the “hamster on a piano” craze.… Read the rest

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17 November 2008 ~ Comments Off

Oklahoma long rider story soon to be a major motion picture?

Remember that movie from a few years ago, The Straight Story, about a man who rode a lawnmower across a state to see his estranged brother before he died? It won several awards. Well I think Mark Ryan of Kingfisher can top that. He road a horse, with mule and dog in tow, from Okahoma to Washington state. Took… Read the rest

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16 November 2008 ~ 4 Comments

Don’t spoil ‘Milk’ by seeing it at a Cinemark theater

In an earlier post about the Prop 8 backlash, I mentioned the fact that the CEO of Cinemark, which runs a chain of theaters, contributed thousands of dollars to the anti-gay Proposition 8 in California and a boycott was in order. Is this kind of response over-reacting? Is it religious bigotry to fight back against those whose “faith” led… Read the rest

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16 October 2008 ~ Comments Off

Milk the Movie

I am SO excited about and looking forward to this movie. Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person elected to a major political office in the U.S., is a huge hero of mine. Now a whole new generation will learn about his vision and his courage. And maybe some will even internalize some of the truths that Harvey gave… Read the rest

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06 April 2008 ~ Comments Off

Something you (probably) don’t know about the late Charlton Heston

Charlton Heston (1923 – 2008) passed away at his home on Saturday. I wasn’t a fan of Charlton Heston the actor. I didn’t agree with his stance on gun rights. So, frankly, I didn’t have more than a neutral regard for him — until I found out something in his past that he humbly didn’t mention, but maybe should have.… Read the rest

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