14 April 2011 ~ Comments Off

59-minute Progressive Rally on a Moral Budget

Ok, it was yesterday’s Democracy Now! show, but if you watch it, I think you will agree with my assessment. DN! is always good, but this one was particularly inspiring.… Read the rest

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29 January 2009 ~ Comments Off

Fair payback

The company that knowingly screwed Lilly Ledbetter out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, then spent hundreds of thousands to “defend” itself from her discrimination lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court, was Goodyear Tire & Rubber. Please remember that the next time you are in the market for tires. Fair is fair. That is all.… Read the rest

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27 January 2009 ~ 3 Comments

Day 6: Obama caves to Republican hissy fits

Well, that didn’t take long, did it? I can’t believe that President Obama is ALREADY letting the Republicans run (i.e. ruin) his plan for an economic stimulus. Here’s an idea for putting his eloquence and now ownership of a big fat bully pulpit to use: explain to the American people exactly how family planning (more than just contraceptives) —… Read the rest

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20 November 2008 ~ Comments Off

Mike Moore discusses auto industry bailout on Larry King

Embedded video from CNN Video (If the video doesn’t load, you can find it here.) Good on Larry to bring the writer/director of Roger and Me to talk about this catastrophe. Mike’s remedy:
We’ve got a huge problem. That’s why government — this is a crisis. There’s a catastrophe about to happen and the government has to step in
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08 November 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Studs Terkel interview with Mary Owsley and Peggy Terry about Oklahoma City during the depression

Just by chance today I caught This American Life program on NPR when they were noting the recent passing of Studs Terkel by playing a few of the pieces from his radio series, Hard Times, which was recordings of folks who lived through the depression. The TAL retrospective focused on 1971 recordings from a mother and daughter, Mary Owsley… Read the rest

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28 October 2007 ~ Comments Off

Disaster apartheid

I’m breaking one of my cardinal rules and pasting in a post from another site in toto. It’s a powerful rant by Greg Palast, provoked by the recent fires in California, and the government’s response to them. I have a feeling he won’t mind. ‘Course, I’m not alone, soonerthought did the same thing, which is where I found it. Anyway,… Read the rest

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