15 May 2011 ~ Comments Off

Photos and report from the 2011 Oklahoma Democratic Party State Convention

So yeah, I went to the convention yesterday and I lived to tell the tale! Photos
The Oklahoman story Former state lawmaker to head Oklahoma Democrats describes how a credentialing problem led to a long delay and ultimate redo of the vote for party chair (while taking every opportunity possible to mention the past unsuccessful campaigns of the various candidates.… Read the rest

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11 May 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Going to the Oklahoma Democratic Party State Convention this Saturday

I am going to the Oklahoma Democratic Party convention this Saturday as an alternate delegate with a proxy, and thus a vote in the statewide party elections for officers. I am in the Change Oklahoma caucus. Those who have known me for a while may know that I chose to work within the party here in Oklahoma two years ago,… Read the rest

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06 December 2010 ~ Comments Off

Eureka, I’ve got it! Obama should switch parties

So it hit me last night, while watching The Universe on DVD (as I usually do on weekends) — seeing the (really) big picture has a way of calming the mind and inducing sleep — the solution to a number of serious problems, primarily the governance of this nation, its economic viability going forward, the survival of the middle class,… Read the rest

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12 June 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Dedicated to those who helped Blanche Lincoln

… squeak out a primary win, making the seat a sure-fire GOP pickup in November. Hey, boys, which side are you on? Like we don’t know already!… Read the rest

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19 January 2010 ~ Comments Off

Need a pep talk?

Tristero echos Digby: “Don’t give up.”
This country’s politics are clearly in a state of rapid, dramatic transition. A transition to exactly what is far from clear. The way I see it, we may resume our rapid descent into the abyss of fascism so ruthlessly engineered by Nixon, Reagan and the two Bushes.To be sure, that is a
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11 February 2009 ~ Comments Off

Party realignment now finalized in DC

Democratic Party = party of governing, or occasional stabs at it during moments of crisis, with good and not so good members and policy positions. Republican Party = party of obstruction to efforts at actual governance, with varying levels of skill and shamelessness. But all are, to borrow an observation from Garrison Keillor,  “above average” at it. Something about… Read the rest

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29 November 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Call for Oklahoma Democrats to make change HERE

Candace Richardson was one of the hardest workers for Obama in Oklahoma. Like many of us progressives, she’s a little concerned about what caused Oklahoma to buck the trend and move to the Right instead of the Left in the election. She’s put out a call for others to join her in making some changes in the base of the… Read the rest

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27 November 2008 ~ Comments Off

Oklahoma Political News Roundup

Grassroots power. The Oklahoma Democratic Party is trying to keep funding the staff people that were part of Howard Dean’s 50-state grassroots party-building strategy. That program is being laid down, apparently — despite its demonstrable success for the past two campaign cycles. I could go off on that tangent for a rant, but back to Oklahoma — Oklahoma Dems would… Read the rest

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18 November 2008 ~ Comments Off

What’s the matter with Democrats in DC?

Well, as suspected, the capitulation continues unabated. The Netroots is sick about it, but not really surprised. Hunter at Daily Kos pretty much sums it up in Why it Matters. As Jane Hamsher states, the real message of today’s vote, from the 32 Democratic Senators who gave Lieberman a pass, and, yes, President-elect Obama, who whipped the vote:… Read the rest

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