18 April 2011 ~ Comments Off

Corporate tax dodgers get a tax bill from OKC MoveOn.org members

MoveOn members and supporters rallied and listened to Frosty Troy and others set the record straight on the so-called deficit crisis, then presented employees at a local Chase Bank with a “bill” for Morgan Chase’s unpaid taxes. MoveOn.org has been giving Oklahoma a bit of attention in the past few months, trying to build up their activist “council” in Oklahoma… Read the rest

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11 December 2010 ~ Comments Off

Just wondering

Consider how our federal legislators voted on starting and sustaining our wars, how they voted for Bush’s tax cuts, and how they voted on recovery measures, then tell me, which of them are are deficit hawks?… Read the rest

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03 September 2009 ~ Comments Off

Photos from today’s Rally for a Moral Budget

(Click on box to get a bigger version.) Quite a good turnout for a weekday. And it wouldn’t be complete without teabagger counter-protesters. They were relatively well behaved, compared to the townhall outbursts.… Read the rest

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