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Pink Wave spreads pro-choice, pro-family message to legislators

May 12, 2011

[For a gallery view of the photos, see my Picasa album.]

Billed as a “Pink Wave” because of the color of their t-shirts and signs, supporters of real family values gathered at the Capitol today to address the anti-women and anti-families legislation that is becoming the stock in trade of the Oklahoma legislature. The event was sponsored and organized by the Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice and Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma. Participating organizations included Trust Women PAC, Reproductive Health Coalition, ACLU of Oklahoma, National Advocates for Pregnant Women, Tulsa Reproductive Services, Sally’s List, Oklahoma Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice, Oklahoma Federation of Democratic Women.

Speakers included Martha Skeeters, Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice; Rep. Emily Virgin; Senator Judy Eason McIntyre; Sen. Jim Wilson; Tamya Cox, ACLU of Oklahoma; Sen. Connie Johnson; Kelly Jennings, Oklahoma Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice; and Joanna Wall, Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice.

Approximately 200 attended the noon event, including mothers of young children, students, clergy, current and retired legislators, public service workers, health care workers, attorneys and veterans.

How I’ll get Sarah Palin and my pro-life brother to give a big donation for abortion rights

December 23, 2010

Just found out my rabidly conservative brother is sending me a signed copy of Sarah Palin’s book for Christmas. He’s also sending a copy to my other brother’s wife, who is conservative, but not very political and sweet in real life; I guess he’s doing his part to help with the lagging sales.

In the past, he’s sent me a book by Bill O’Reilly, which I tossed out with the wrapping paper and boxes. I didn’t want to even give the book to Goodwill at the risk of poisoning a potential reader with Billo’s lies and bullshit.

But I have a better plan for this year’s book gift from my Fox-News-victim sibling: The Google tells me that signed copies are going for over $100. But wait … being as I’m a godless pinko commie who will stop at nothing to destroy America, I also see that a copy of SP’s book signed by Tina Fey went at auction for over $2500. So, yep, now my quest is to get Tina to co-sign my book and then auction it and give the money to an abortion rights group here in Oklahoma.

Thanks and Merry Christmas, bro! Keep ‘em coming. Also.

Abortion is good

June 14, 2005

Kos won’t put this on his front page, but I will.

It’s always painful when places you thought might be one of the last few outposts of saniety’s [sic] owner and other readers decide they’re willing to trade your life away, and the lives of others away, and ultimately their own lives away, because for some reason, they genuinely don’t understand what’s at stake. Words are important, and so tonight, at daily Kos, I as one of the written off, am going to write a diary for the first time, raise my voice, and once AGAIN tell so called ‘friends’ how much they’re hurting the people next to them. To say nothing of how much they’re cutting their own throats in the process.

There is more that a week’s worth of background/context for this discussion, but it’s 2:30 am and I can’t track it all down right now. The comments on stormcoming’s diary pretty much encapsulate the debate, though.

The politics of political history

April 21, 2005

From Digby’s ongoing remedial class in American history for stupid, lazy columnists:

Thus, the culture war is all about abortion and not, as some have erroneously assumed, a half century of struggle over fundamental issues of social justice, tolerance, individual rights and modernity in general. This whole thing is a simple disagreement between upstanding conservatives saving cute little babies from black robed elitists and lazy liberals refusing to admit that equal rights under the law is a matter for legislative negotiation with Rick Santorum.