12 May 2011 ~ 2 Comments

Pink Wave spreads pro-choice, pro-family message to legislators

[For a gallery view of the photos, see my Picasa album… Read the rest.]
Billed as a “Pink Wave” because of the color of their t-shirts and signs, supporters of real family values gathered at the Capitol today to address the anti-women and anti-families legislation that is becoming the stock in trade of the Oklahoma legislature. The event was sponsored and

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23 December 2010 ~ 3 Comments

How I’ll get Sarah Palin and my pro-life brother to give a big donation for abortion rights

Just found out my rabidly conservative brother is sending me a signed copy of Sarah Palin’s book for Christmas. He’s also sending a copy to my other brother’s wife, who is conservative, but not very political and sweet in real life; I guess he’s doing his part to help with the lagging sales… Read the rest.
In the past, he’s sent me

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14 June 2005 ~ Comments Off

Abortion is good

Kos won’t put this on his front page, but I will.

It’s always painful when places you thought might be one of the last few outposts of saniety’s [sic] owner and other readers decide they’re willing to trade your life away, and the lives of others away, and ultimately their own lives away, because for some reason, they genuinely … Read the rest

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21 April 2005 ~ Comments Off

The politics of political history

From Digby’s ongoing remedial class in American history for stupid, lazy columnists:

Thus, the culture war is all about abortion and not, as some have erroneously assumed, a half century of struggle over fundamental issues of social justice, tolerance, individual rights and modernity in general. This whole thing is a simple disagreement between upstanding conservatives saving cute little babies from … Read the rest

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