Dems may have blocked Bolton

April 20, 2005

Whoa! No one saw it coming. But right now it looks like Bush’s anti-UN UN nominee may be history. Watched the committee meeting on C-SPAN and it was major drama. Biden was on fire. The denouement may have to wait three weeks (unless Bush or Bolton himself withdraw) when the committee reconvenes. Until then, the political game is in high gear.

What fun! I so enjoy seeing all Bush’s “political capital” flying away, and that it’s due to Republican’s greed, corruption and stupidity is an extra gift.

Advocate for civilian victims of war killed in Bagdad

April 20, 2005

Marla Ruzicka, a California Green Party member and international peace activist, died the other day in Iraq, the victim of yet another car bomb. Her story is amazing — what a brave, loving woman she was. What dedication she had to the true meaning and potential of America. So of course, rabid conservative bloggers are spitting on her memory.

But I think her true legacy, decent and unselfish, will win that battle. Ironically, her death may uncover the project she was working on at the time of her death: the U.S. government’s secret tally of civilian casualties.

Human Rights Watch:

[…]Ruzicka and her colleagues at CIVIC (nearly all local volunteers) worked to identify victims individually, gathering detailed information about the circumstances of their injury, their personal lives, and the impact of the war on them. This information was widely viewed as some of the most accurate data about the condition of civilians and helped put a human face on their suffering. Its reliability made it possible for many civilian victims to receive compensation.[…]

White smoke — what’s that smell

April 17, 2005

New pope selected. Cardinal Ratzinger who will go by Benedict XVI.

Backstory: He’s a German who was in Hitler Youth and the Nazi army, but deserted in 44.

The blogosphere is debating the news: He’s not really a Nazior is he? But unarguably right-wing: anti-gay, squasher of liberation theology in Central America, oddly unperturbed by pedophilia. And was a leader in the baring of communion for pro-choice politicians during last year’s presidential campaign, possibly causing Kerry to lose enough Caltholic voters to tip the election to Bush. So, bottom line, not much chance of returning to Vatican II anytime soon.

The bright side: he’s 78.

New blog: Oklahoma Women

February 18, 2005

Oklahoma Women is a new blog promoting the accomplishments of Oklahoma women, politicians, artists, educators, et. al., as well as providing news about and information for Oklahoma women. You can nominate a notable Oklahoma woman with a comment or email to the admin.

Grand Central neighborhood of St. Pete, Fl

February 15, 2005

I lived in this neighborhood
for a while back in the early 90s, before it began the gentrifying process that this web site embodies. St. Pete area still has tons of Art Deco style architecture, and folks are finally beginning to appreciate those lovely things.

The web designers of this site, Creative Media, have a site with a front page that knocked me out, since I am a nut for old and/or funky doors and windows.