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17 April 2005 ~ Comments Off

White smoke — what’s that smell

New pope selected. Cardinal Ratzinger who will go by Benedict XVI.

Backstory: He’s a German who was in Hitler Youth and the Nazi army, but deserted in 44.

The blogosphere is debating the news: He’s not really a Nazior is he? But unarguably right-wing: anti-gay, squasher of liberation theology in Central America, oddly unperturbed by pedophilia. And was a leader in the baring of communion for pro-choice politicians during last year’s presidential campaign, possibly causing Kerry to lose enough Caltholic voters to tip the election to Bush. So, bottom line, not much chance of returning to Vatican II anytime soon.

The bright side: he’s 78.

18 February 2005 ~ Comments Off

New blog: Oklahoma Women

Oklahoma Women is a new blog promoting the accomplishments of Oklahoma women, politicians, artists, educators, et. al., as well as providing news about and information for Oklahoma women. You can nominate a notable Oklahoma woman with a comment or email to the admin.

15 February 2005 ~ Comments Off

Grand Central neighborhood of St. Pete, Fl

I lived in this neighborhood
for a while back in the early 90s, before it began the gentrifying process that this web site embodies. St. Pete area still has tons of Art Deco style architecture, and folks are finally beginning to appreciate those lovely things.

The web designers of this site, Creative Media, have a site with a front page that knocked me out, since I am a nut for old and/or funky doors and windows.

12 February 2005 ~ Comments Off

I hate Wal-Mart and all it stands for

Join my team at the Wal-Mart Fact Checker site.

11 February 2005 ~ Comments Off

Intel reports gave warnings before 9/11 attacks

They knew, or should have known.

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11 February 2005 ~ Comments Off

$100 Laptop Proposed for World’s Poor

Stripped Down. This article from New Scientist magazine tells of an idea for bringing low-cost computing to the poor in developing countries. The key to making it possible: no Microsoft.

11 February 2005 ~ Comments Off

FCNL Outlines Steps For U.S. Withdrawal From Iraq

Friends Committee On National Legislation: The first Washington Newsletter of this year outlines the process FCNL believes the administration and Congress should take to withdraw from Iraq. “As the 109th Congress convenes in January, will it “stay the course” and fund the same failed war policies of the past two years, or will it condition funding on the U.S. implementing new policies to de-escalate the violent conflict, to end the occupation and to return Iraq to Iraqis,” writes FCNL. The newsletter will not arrive in your mailbox for several more weeks, but we wanted to give you an advance look at this important article that sets out steps toward withdrawal from Iraq. For regular updates on our Iraq work please visit here.