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Chelsea Manning supporters gather in Oklahoma hometown to celebrate her 27th birthday and demand release from prison

December 17, 2014

Manning Birthday in Crescent 2013NEWS RELEASE

On Wednesday, December 17, for the second year, supporters of Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning) will celebrate the Oklahoma-born whistleblower’s birthday in her hometown of Crescent, which is about 40 miles north of OKC. The event is hosted by last year’s sponsor, the Center for Conscience in Action (CCA), now joined by local chapters of Amnesty International throughout the state, with a grant from Amnesty USA to help with expenses.

The event will take place in the middle of the small rural town, at El Palmo Restaurant at 224 N. Grand (Map:,beginning at 6:30 pm. Representatives from CCA and the Equality Center of Tulsa will speak.

Manning, who will be 27, was an Army intelligence analyst stationed in Iraq who leaked thousands of documents to Wikileaks in 2010, exposing war crimes and unjust detainment, torture and prisoner abuse, diplomatic deception and embarrassingly candid communications relating to US policies in the war on terror. Court-martialed in 2013, Manning was sentenced to 35 years and is serving that sentence at Ft. Leavenworth in Kansas. Immediately after the verdict, Manning announced her medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria and desire to live as a woman, along with the change of name.

CCA has held numerous support events for Manning since her arrest in the summer of 2010, joining the international support network that funded the legal defense and continues to raise funds for an appeal and advocate for a pardon or clemency as well as proper medical treatment for the gender dysphoria. Amnesty has also been advocating on Manning’s behalf for several years and has named her one of the world’s top political prisoners and among their “individuals at risk” for whom global action is promoted.

The party will be combined with an advocacy letter-writing campaign, as well as cards and letters to be sent to Manning at Ft.Leavenworth. Donations will be collected for the support network’s drive for the legal appeal case.

Since her sentencing, Manning herself has become more and more vocal about her case and with thougthful criticism of US national security policies, having published op-eds in The New York Times, The Guardian, and other newspapers as well as through Amnesty and the Chelsea Manning Support Network websites.

Amnesty has several chapters in Oklahoma, including OKC, Norman High School, OSU and Tulsa.

For more information:
Chelsea Manning Support Network –
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Question for the Oklahoman re ‘What About Islam?’

December 29, 2010

This is an ad that was on page 5A of today’s paper. I wonder how much The Oklahoman charged and profited to print this piece of garbage. Yeah, I wonder that, but that’s not my question to them.

My real question is, if some similar nutcase bigot who happened to have an ad to run that was equally anti-Christian or anti-Semitic, would OPUBCO print it like they did this? Would they print it for the same price they got for this one (a full page ad is far from cheap, but maybe this “religious” group got the non-profit rate, and likely they did not pay any tax fee for the privilege of stoking hatred that will lead this state to spend a lot of money in a fruitless effort to stem the tide of diversity in this country)? Or would they add an editorial comment to the bottom like they do on letters to the editor with which they disagree? Okay, that’s three questions, and I’m barely revved up.

Note: I cobbled this image together from screen shots, so any visual irregularities are most likely mine. Click to get a larger image (you may then need to click yet again to get the full size version — it’s large and may take a while to download into your browser page.).

Happy Christmas, you crazy country!

December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas to all my Christian friends and readers (all two of you!). This video cracks me up. It starts with Bettie Page pinup shots followed by vintage home videos of moms and kids in front of the Christmas tree, all with Brenda Lee belting out “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.” What could possibly be more American?

Nothing, that’s what!

Concert to benefit Peace House & Church of the Open Arms

February 5, 2010

Checkered Past Concert

Batch says “Poignant, playful and sweetly subversive with warm harmonies – acoustic music that zings!”

WHAT: Benefit Concert for Peace House & Church of the Open Arms

COST: Free Admission – (freewill donations during concert gratefully accepted)

WHEN: Saturday, Feb. 13, 7:00 pm (doors open at 6:30 for
refreshments & social)

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Kansas City folk singers “Checkered Past” will perform a benefit concert, admission free, in Oklahoma City, Saturday evening, February 13th. Freewill donations during the concert will benefit the Peace House and Church of the Open Arms. “This event is for political liberals who love live music,” said Peace House board member Donna Compton. The concert begins at 7 pm, at Church of the Open Arms, 3131 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Oklahoma City. Doors open at 6:30.

Compton described Checkered Past as “a group of five dedicated social activists, wielding guitars, bass, mandolin, fiddle, flute, and vocal harmony in a war against gloom and resignation.” She said their original music includes “sweet and personal love songs, crusty blues, silly social commentary and jitterbugs.” One member of the group said, “If we can’t find the song we are looking for in the last 500 years, we just write one.” Event participants are invited to bring their own instruments to “jam with the band” after the concert.

Checkered Past was the only American band to perform at a global food conference, in Turin, Italy, in 2008. At the conference, some 5,000 food producers from around the world gathered to discuss sustainable and local food production to improve people’s health and harmony with nature. The group’s website is