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14 April 2011 ~ Comments Off

59-minute Progressive Rally on a Moral Budget

Ok, it was yesterday’s Democracy Now! show, but if you watch it, I think you will agree with my assessment. DN! is always good, but this one was particularly inspiring.… Read the rest

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19 February 2011 ~ Comments Off


Hang On, Sloopy was a hit when I was in 7th grade. I was just becoming aware of the Vietnam War, but it wasn’t much on my mind; I had problems closer to home. Other songs I remember most from that year are Satisfaction, which played in heavy rotation in the little cafeteria where we waited to be picked… Read the rest

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18 January 2011 ~ 7 Comments

“This is America …” – a memorable observation, but it’s by Allen Ginsberg, as recounted by Mark Shields

Ah, the internet, so democratizing, yet so capable of the almost-instantaneous propagation of a non-fact, even with well meaning intentions. Take this nugget going around Facebook yesterday and today like wildfire:
“This is America, where a white Catholic male Republican judge was murdered on his way to greet a Democratic Jewish woman member of Congress, who was his friend. Her
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29 December 2010 ~ Comments Off

Question for the Oklahoman re ‘What About Islam?’

This is an ad that was on page 5A of today’s paper. I wonder how much The Oklahoman charged and profited to print this piece of garbage. Yeah, I wonder that, but that’s not my question to them. My real question is, if some similar nutcase bigot who happened to have an ad to run that was equally anti-Christian or… Read the rest

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23 December 2010 ~ 3 Comments

How I’ll get Sarah Palin and my pro-life brother to give a big donation for abortion rights

Just found out my rabidly conservative brother is sending me a signed copy of Sarah Palin’s book for Christmas. He’s also sending a copy to my other brother’s wife, who is conservative, but not very political and sweet in real life; I guess he’s doing his part to help with the lagging sales. In the past, he’s sent me… Read the rest

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14 December 2010 ~ Comments Off

Dangerous memories

I came across an interesting “diary” blog post at Booman Tribune, one of the sites I read daily, about a memory Rosa Parks recalled of an experience she had at about age 6. It’s on page 2 of her autobiography (Rosa Parks: My Story), so you can deduce the import it had for her.
“One of my earliest
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11 December 2010 ~ Comments Off

Just wondering

Consider how our federal legislators voted on starting and sustaining our wars, how they voted for Bush’s tax cuts, and how they voted on recovery measures, then tell me, which of them are are deficit hawks?… Read the rest

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07 December 2010 ~ Comments Off

Sustainability forum in Edmond disrupted by anti UN attenders

At least that’s how is sounds in this article: Protesters cut short Edmond sustainability forum » Local News » The Edmond Sun. Not only are they against anything with Democratic cooties, but the scourge of being ruled by an “international agenda.” Clearly these people do not understand that the US is one of the “national”s in “international, just like… Read the rest

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25 November 2010 ~ Comments Off

Arlo’s Thanksgiving classic, with illustrations by Andrew Colunga

This is a fun addition to the annual ritual of listening to Alice’s Restaurant on Thanksgiving Day — illustrations of the story. Now you can watch the story (as you are listless after gorging yourself), and it’s much like hearing a childrens’ fairy tale read to you, since the song is so iconic now. You sort of hear and… Read the rest

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