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05 December 2010 ~ Comments Off

Sisterhood is powerful!

That was the rallying cry, back in the day. And by so claiming, and believing, they were powerful. It was an amazing period of history, when women got fed up with being exploited second-class citizens and took to the streets, the factory floors and the voting booths for their own and other womens’ lives and rights. What happened to that… Read the rest

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26 October 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Rena’s got 3 ‘mama grizzly’ links about Mary Fallin’s dogwhistle during the Oklahoma gubernatorial debate

Girlfriend! You are asking for trouble when you imply that your unmarried childless opponent is — well exactly what WAS Mary Fallin implying? Whatever it was she was signaling to Oklahoma voters, it was inappropriate, and based on Mary’s background, she really shouldn’t be slinging any family values arrows around. Hey, maybe she thought Ginni Thomas was having all the… Read the rest

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25 October 2010 ~ Comments Off

Rena’s got 3 things to watch on TV this week

  1. Rachel Maddow’s documentary The Assassination of Dr. Tiller, who performed abortions in Kansas (mostly) for women who were were late in their pregnancy when they discovered severe abnormalities with the fetus. Airs tonight, 8pm Central time, in the slot usually occupied by Rachel’s excellent news and commentary program. Preview available at the link above; program will be available shortly
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08 August 2009 ~ Comments Off

The New Lord’s Prayer for Republicans

[Update: well, you can tell I’m not religious. It’s the 23rd Psalm, not the Lord’s Prayer, which is being rewritten here. I won’t change the title because it will screw up the URL. If it matters to you, me being so stupid, you’ll just have to forgive me, because that’s what Jesus would do. ;-)] From Fri Prevett via Facebook:… Read the rest

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20 March 2009 ~ Comments Off

Teaching by example in unintended ways

Later today, I plan to head down to Grandfield Oklahoma, just this side of the Texas border, to join some students in a counter demo against the Phelps/Westboro Baptist/Gods Hates Fags nutjobs from Kansas. A week ago I had never even heard of Grandfield, Oklahoma, and maybe you hadn’t either, but some bad (in my opinion) decisions by school officials… Read the rest

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10 February 2009 ~ Comments Off

Is Obama poised to continue some parts of Bush’s torture policies?

Yesterday’s news out of the Justice Department in which it indicated support for Bush’s rendition program (i.e. exit visa for torture outside of US) was horrifying. I really don’t know what to make of it. I’m not a lawyer, so was kinda hoping it wasn’t as bad as it sounded. But here’s what the lawyers think:
From the Desk
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29 January 2009 ~ Comments Off

Stimulating family planning

There is a great op-ed, Counting Out Women, by Melissa McEwan published today in the Guardian (UK) about Chris Matthews and the general idiocy in the US media (not to mention a huge hunk of the blogosphere) about some parts of the original economic stimulus package, in which she specifically addresses the segment from Hardball that I posted about Read the rest

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17 January 2009 ~ Comments Off

Keith Olbermann: Bush’s 8 disasterous years in 8 minutes

Finally, it is about over. Just two days, and we can watch watch his chickenhawk ass get out of our White House and our Capital City. Bush and his accomplices will continue to try to whitewash his “legacy” but they will fail. The best George W. Bush can hope from history is eternal ignominy. With an iota of justice applied,… Read the rest

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17 December 2008 ~ 4 Comments

Honeymoon over

Well, that was a brief hiatus, when I didn’t feel like crying or screaming every time I heard about the latest political news. The inauguration hasn’t even taken place yet, and already, folks like me have been slapped in the face. At least with Clinton, it came after he was in office a few days. So here’s my first complaint… Read the rest

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