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15 April 2013 ~ 2 Comments

Justin Bieber gets Anne Frank

I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I am going to defend Justin Bieber. The singer, who for some reason is immensely popular right now with girls around the age Anne Frank was when she died (15), went to Amsterdam, and while there visited the Anne Frank museum… Read the rest.
Afterward he wrote in the guest book “Truly inspiring to be

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14 April 2011 ~ Comments Off

59-minute Progressive Rally on a Moral Budget

Ok, it was yesterday’s Democracy Now!… Read the rest show, but if you watch it, I think you will agree with my assessment. DN! is always good, but this one was particularly inspiring.

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29 December 2010 ~ Comments Off

Question for the Oklahoman re ‘What About Islam?’

This is an ad that was on page 5A of today’s paper. I wonder how much The Oklahoman… Read the rest charged and profited to print this piece of garbage. Yeah, I wonder that, but that’s not my question to them.
My real question is, if some similar nutcase bigot who happened to have an ad to run that was equally anti-Christian or

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14 December 2010 ~ 2 Comments

Insight of the day

“The Wikileaks saga has exposed the vapid stupidity of the celebrity press corps like nothing since the Great Clinton Panty Raid. One thing is very, very clear — they aren’t journalists and don’t even consider themselves journalists. They are celebrity public relations professionals who just aren’t as bright as the real public relations professionals.”
via Hullabaloo… Read the rest.

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13 November 2010 ~ Comments Off

I read the Oklahoman today so you don’t have to

You don’t get the Oklahoman… Read the rest? Good for you; it’s worse than a rag: it’s a dumbed-down propaganda organ for the Republican Party and a deceitful tool for promoting corporate interests, maintaining power in the hands and bank accounts of a few elites, some of whom don’t even live in Oklahoma.
Perfect example of the former purpose: every week the

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13 April 2010 ~ Comments Off

Tea Party active in OK legislature, where are the business leaders to stop this nonsense?

Representatives Randy Brogdon and Charles Key are giving Sally Kern a run for the money to make Oklahoma radioactive… Read the rest for business development. Why? Because they might have to let law enforcement count attacks motivated by homophobia in Oklahoma. The conspiracy theory (there always is one with the Right, isn’t there, the poor little victimized bullies) is that under this law,

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23 December 2009 ~ Comments Off

Miss Manners takes on Bill O’Reilly

Yes, it’s war all right, but on civility and multiculturalism, not Christmas.

Dear Miss Manners:
I work as a cashier during the Christmas season, and I often wish my customers “Happy holidays.” Sometimes customers get all offended and reply with something like “I choose to celebrate Christmas,” or they go into this long angry rant about the use of the … Read the rest

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30 September 2009 ~ Comments Off

Media aghast at Dem Congressman’s frankness and refusal to cower at GOP hysteria

This is the most blatent display of our craptacular media as you are likely to find. The “journalists” on CNN’s Situation Room, after a summer of “birther” “deathers” and myriad other radical Right fringe lies about Obama and the Democratic health care reform efforts — each one uglier than the last — are absolutely apoplectic today over Alan Grayson’s dramatization… Read the rest

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27 August 2009 ~ Comments Off

The Oklahoman having ‘difficulty’ with Kennedy’s liberal legacy

I know you all will be shocked by this, but The Oklahoman has used the occasion of Ted Kennedy’s death to question his political contributions… Read the rest to the nation and bash liberals.
“…estimating Kennedy’s historic imprint is difficult — and not just because we and millions of Americans not living on either coast disagreed with him on the size and reach

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