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24 August 2013 ~ 1 Comment

Why I wasn’t there

Me, holding a sign in the 2011 King Holiday Parade in Oklahoma City.
I slept quite a bit later than usual today, thus missing the OKC event marking the anniversary of the MOW in 63. I think my body knew what my brain didn’t (yet): I did not want to go and listen to a lot of chants and speeches,… Read the rest

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08 April 2012 ~ Comments Off

A new leaf

I’m not going to be an activist/organizer anymore. Probably for good, but who knows. I doubt I’ll be able to quit cold turkey, that lifestyle is so ingrained, but I’ve already scaled back, and will continue in that direction. I hope those who are inspired to change the world for the better keep up the fight, and that they have… Read the rest

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12 May 2011 ~ Comments Off

Welcome Malee


div.slideshow {border: 1px solid black; margin-top: 20px; margin-bottom:86px;}div.slideshow-thumbnails {height:86px;bottom:-86px} The Oklahoma City Zoo’s new baby elephant, born on April 15, now has a name, Malee. I visited on Tuesday, my first trip to the OKC zoo believe it or not. I know I’ve been here a few years, but I really haven’t gone anywhere or done anything until this… Read the rest

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19 February 2011 ~ Comments Off


Hang On, Sloopy was a hit when I was in 7th grade. I was just becoming aware of the Vietnam War, but it wasn’t much on my mind; I had problems closer to home. Other songs I remember most from that year are Satisfaction, which played in heavy rotation in the little cafeteria where we waited to be picked… Read the rest

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31 January 2011 ~ Comments Off

Peace Arena sells out!

I’ve succumbed to placing a web ad on the site. Oh, well, so much for my integrity, right? Ah, I hope not. But, yeah, I’ve become an affiliate of a domain registrar called Namecheap, which I’ve been using for about a year now. Based on that, I’m pretty sure they don’t suck, at least not relative to certain well… Read the rest

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23 December 2010 ~ 3 Comments

How I’ll get Sarah Palin and my pro-life brother to give a big donation for abortion rights

Just found out my rabidly conservative brother is sending me a signed copy of Sarah Palin’s book for Christmas. He’s also sending a copy to my other brother’s wife, who is conservative, but not very political and sweet in real life; I guess he’s doing his part to help with the lagging sales. In the past, he’s sent me… Read the rest

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14 December 2010 ~ Comments Off

Dangerous memories

I came across an interesting “diary” blog post at Booman Tribune, one of the sites I read daily, about a memory Rosa Parks recalled of an experience she had at about age 6. It’s on page 2 of her autobiography (Rosa Parks: My Story), so you can deduce the import it had for her.
“One of my earliest
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20 November 2010 ~ 1 Comment

David Rovics does OKC, awesomely, but probably wonders why he bothered

And of course, few in OKC bother to support this talented progressive singer songwriter. Next time someone complains that OKC doesn’t get included in such tours, I’ll just ask, well, were you at David Rovics (or David Swanson, or Max Blumenthal and David Cobb — all outstanding local progressive events that were under-attended)? These people talk to each other,… Read the rest

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31 October 2010 ~ 2 Comments

Peace Arena to become two-ring circus, soon with acrobats AND elephants

Crossed off my to-do list: WP upgrade to multiblog. Finally. Yay! Yes, that upgrade I threatened back in June has finally been accomplished. A couple of life changes later. Close followers of this blog (all two of you) might remember that I installed WPmu a couple of years ago, but had some technical issues with it and abandoned the idea.… Read the rest

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