Now I know how Obama felt on October 9

It’s embarrassing to be recognized for something you know you don’t deserve. Well, I’m in that boat at the moment. I just found out I was nominated for an Okie Blogger Award in the category of “Best Political Blog (Liberal Leaning).”

I can’t even tell you to vote for someone deserving, since voting ended on Sunday. The results will be announced on the 21st.

Here’s the letter I sent to the organizer:

I just found out that Peace Arena was nominated. It’s probably too late, but if I’d found out earlier I would have removed myself from contention. Not that I think I have a shot in hell of actually winning, but frankly I’m embarrassed to even be on such a list this year when my blogging has been so random and inconsistent. Others have worked really hard to be regular about posting, not to even address the quality of their work.

While I have to be flattered that I was nominated, and thank whoever did so, I have to assume they are making the judgment based on past years of my blog, NOT this year. I don’t expect the Okie Blog awards to adopt something akin to the old figure skating judging standards, where you get it based on some amorphous nod to history rather that what just happened in front of everyone’s lying eyes!

I hope the best blogger wins in all the categories, which this year will definitely and appropriately eliminate moi.

I’ll be posting this on my blog, just to document my mortification.