05 December 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Tom Coburn thinks he is Don Quixote

Facebook | Oklahomans for Motor Vehicle Safety.

Our fanatical senator (ok, ONE of our fanatical senators, the younger one), is on one of his high horses, not that he ever gets off that horse. This time he’s blocking legislation that got 99 votes from the rest of the Senate. Yes, our hero is single-handedly holding up a live-saving bill that will require future buses to have seat belts and other safety measures like roof reinforcements.

Of course, as my friend Jean said, buses are only used by poor people, so of course Dr. No does not care. Come to think of it, Don Quixote did not hate the poor like Tom Coburn, so my apologies to Cervantes.

Please, PLEASE call Sen. Coburn on Monday or Tuesday. Let him know that Oklahomans do not appreciate his egotism and ridiculous obstruction on this bill. The phone numbers are at the page linked above.

Update: Tom Coburn does not hate the poor. Like all congressional Republicans, hatred for the poor would require more consideration than he is willing to give them. Again like his colleagues, he just loves the rich SOOOOO much that he is willing to let the poor die unnecessarily at their hands if a greater profit is involved.

Peace Arena regrets the error.


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  1. Pat McCauley 6 December 2010 at 1:31 am Permalink

    Serena, I am so glad I’ve come across your website/blog. I don’t read blogs very much, but I enjoyed your letter above. I filled out the form and sent it to Coburn from your FB entry and I also sent this info in an e-mail to some friends. So, I hope this will help. It is very important and I knew nothing about this until about 30 minutes ago. Thanks,