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Attorney to challange Sally Kern for HD 84 seat

Brittany Novotny and Todd GoodmannIn what may prove to be the most interesting House race in Oklahoma next year, local attorney Brittany Novotny announced her campaign to challange uber-wingnut Sally Kern.

The voters of House District 84 deserve a representative who will fight for them.  So today, I’m officially announcing my candidacy for State Representative.  I believe I have the drive, dedication, and determination to fight for the people of the district on the real issues they face—jobs, education, and transportation.  I look forward to the opportunity to meet with my neighbors and voters in the district in the coming year as we build this grassroots campaign to give the voters a real choice to have a representative who will fight for their issues and build a brighter future for Oklahoma.

Some coverage of the news;
Tulsa World

Photo of Brittany and Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair Todd Goodman, taken tonight at the fundraiser in El Reno for Larry Peck, who is running to fill the seat vacated recently by Ryan McMullan.

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  1. Somebody, anybody please defeat that fruitcake Sally Kern. She is nuts and is a danger to all freedom loving Americans. The legislation she has introduced is written by a very unbalanced individual. Read it and weep. Go Brittany, you should be able to beat this wingnut. You have my vote, you get that just for running. Guess what, anybody that is that anti-gay is probably really gay.

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