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Cinemark boycott takes off

Update on the Cinemark theater situation. A representative of the company has responded — inadequately. And a website has been created to organize and track the boycott.

Remember: No Milk for Cinemark!

Boycott Cinemark Facebook group


  1. Since this report speaks directly about the movie “MILK” and its relevance to today’s issues, it seems worth remembering MIlk’s own feelings with Proposition 6. He felt that, if Prop. 6 was passed, that the gay community would rise up in an angry and perhaps violent offensive that would have been entirely understandable. The chants in the movie portrayed the chants of those days: Civil Rights or Civil War. Gay Rights Now!

    We are not in the midst of a polite debate. We are not haggling over a trinket in a foreign bazaar. Prop 8 singles out gays. It strips them of rights. It undermines the very foundations of the Constitution of the country – which has no relationship to biblical belief or religious fantasies. If gays are going to be singled out by the passing of this proposition, then the supporters of it should be targeted. If they are in positions of power, such as CEO of Cinemark, then the foundation of their power ought to be attacked and brought down.

    Cinemark is fair game as is the Mormon Church. We are not engaged in a friendly disagreement. These people have mobilized to strip Americans they don’t like or respect of their civil rights. That’s not politics. That is war. Gays have learned how to fight back and we ought to throw our full fury at individuals who funded this fight against us AND their power bases – period.

  2. I still don’t see why Cinemark is getting targeted. Their CEO gave $10K to the campaign to Prop 8. Apple Computers in Austin made a corporate donation of $100K for the same cause. Why is Cinemark being boycotted and Apple not? Makes it look like some kind of personal vendetta with Stock’s support of Prop 8 just being the excuse that’s given.

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